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5 Tips For Designing Simple and Effective PPC Landing Pages

When it all boils down, it doesn't matter how much money you invest to keyword research and advertisement placement if your PPC landing page is not optimized for conversions. When a user clicks through an advertisement to your landing page, you are then responsible for delivering a quick and captivating offer that makes them want to buy what you're trying to sell. These are 5 tips for designing simple and effective PPC landing pages that will yield a solid ROI (return on investment).

Immediately Give the People What They Want
Your most basic responsibility when designing your PPC landing page is to give the people what they want right when they arrive. Keep things simple, avoid unnecessary clutter, and never drop links that lead to any other place other than your website. Get right to the point with your landing page, and avoid fluff.

Create Many Ways for the Traffic to Convert
Essentially, the more call to actions you can fit on your landing page, the better. You want to provide your users with more than one chance to make a conversion. You could possibly have a form off to the side while in the center content area, you could create a few buttons. Be careful not to overly stuff the page with call to actions because this could overwhelm or annoy them into not wanting to continue.

Hire a Company to Help Design the Landing Page
It never hurts to bring in professional reinforcements that can turn your PPC landing page from drab to fab. With companies like OrangeSoda, you can work together to create a PPC landing page that gets the consumer excited about your product and wanting to learn more. Check out OrangeSoda.com to get an idea of how an online marketing company can revolutionize your advertising and conversions.

Keep Everything Important Above the Fold
The fold is basically what your users see without scrolling when they first land on your page. Internet users have short attention spans, there's a high chance that they won't scroll through your content even if they make the choice to click through your advertisement. To capture the users with the shortest attention spans, keep all pertinent content at a visible level when the page is first loaded.

Try Out Different Landing Page Styles and Analyze the Results
Lastly, it doesn't hurt to utilize a bit of trial and error. Try out different PPC landing page styles, analyze what works, and build off of the results. Consider the fact that you could be using an incorrect landing page style for the type of product you're selling. This is why it's important to try out different designs to see what works.

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