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Finding The Best SEO Companies in Manchester

SEO or search engine optimisation has grown as an independent industry over the past decade. With recent updates to major search engines, specifically Google, SEO has had to change to keep itself independent. Search engine updates have made traditional SEO a lot more difficult to perform successfully so SEO’ers have had to adopt a more dynamic and transparent approach.

Integration into existing marketing techniques as a result of updates has seen elements of SEO branch off and become independent from SEO, such as content marketing. Once done for back link acquirement, online content marketing is becoming similar to traditional PR but done online. Future marketing techniques may suck up further elements which were once seen as strict SEO elements. Elements of SEO will not mould into existing marketing techniques but remain loyal to SEO such as technical aspects and semantic analysis.

The main aspects of SEO that should be provided from most SEO companies in Manchester at least are as follows –

Duplicate content analysis - duplicated pages or content within the website or different URL versions that serve identical pages will cause issues. SEO will always remedy this area as it impacts directly on search results.

Semantic analysis – Are title tags or meta-descriptions spammy. Keeping them within length guidelines keeps you safe from penalisation and aids the optimisation process when done correctly.

Geo Targeting – Checked via webmaster tools and ensures search engines know which country you are targeting with the website.

As link building becomes more and more difficult regardingincoming links having to be analysed, the SEO’er will have to carefully judge a website before acquiring a back link from it. The days of quantity over quality are way behind us and ensuring backlinks are acquired naturally is becoming the order of the day. People will always link to one another so deciphering whether a link is orchestrated or not is a certain impossible mission for any search engine to decipher. However, they can label specific websites as being link sellers or black list a website due to suspicious activity, if your website is then associated with these your website may also end up being tarnished with the same brush. The outcome of this has meant more and more backlink acquirement is becoming more of an art than ever before.

The above aspects will certainly fall within the realms of SEO in the coming future though content creation, optimising copy may fall under the umbrella of other marketing techniques. Though, the purpose of these aspects certainly fell within the bounds of SEO.

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